Month: May 2021


Why the MentalUP App is Good for Kids

The researchers are alwaysworking to find out better ways to help children develop various skills that can help them in the future. When children have good verbal and visual skills and memory, they do well in their studies and find good jobs. It also helps them to maintain a good relationship with friends and family members.

Due to technological innovation, you will find various apps that can help these children to learn moreeasily. MentalUP is such an app with lots of intelligent games that makes learning fun.

This app helps in the mental development of children through memory games. The games are good for exercising the children’s memory and helps them to think and decide. The app also gives performance details so parents can have a look at the development of their children.

The children can spend as little as 30 minutes on the app and improve their learning ability. The kids will get better at problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and more. The choice of games is huge, so your children will never get bored playing the games. They will be enthusiastic about playing them.

This app is very popular and is used in 48 countries with millions of users. So, you must install this app today and help your kids learn faster and more.


Why Should You Visit Art Galleries?

Many people don’t visit art galleries because they think that it’s for the artists only and someone who doesn’t have any relation to art will find it boring. However, an art gallery is the opposite. You will have a nice time visiting the art gallery.

Learn about art and artists

It will allow you to learn about famous artworks and artists. You will see how the pattern of their art varies and what topics they cover. You will learn about a completely new field.

Participate in events

Various events often take place in art galleries which include an art exhibition, book reading, or other educational programmes. You can participate in those and learn new things.

Become part of a community

In the art gallery, you will find people who are interested in art. You can meet aspiring artists and learn many things from them. The gallery tour guide can also feed you with lots of information. You will become a part of an art community.

Get inspiration

When you take kids to an art gallery, they may find the inspiration to draw and become good artists. They can unleash their hidden skills and try to draw just like the works of the great artists they saw at the gallery.

People of all ages can find art galleries interesting. You will learn many things there and also spend an enjoyable time.

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3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Usually, kids love to draw and play with colours. But some kids are not interested in art. They must be encouraged to draw. Art is a very important tool for developing a child. Here are some ways you can encourage your child to draw.

Don’t pressure them

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 1 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

You shouldn’t pressure your children to draw. Just let them draw anything and appreciate it. Don’t give them any direction; let them play with their mind and come up with something unique. This will improve their creativity skills and will also encourage them to draw.

Provide interesting things for drawing

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 2 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Instead of just giving pencils and erasers to draw, give them other interesting things as well. You can ask them to draw on balloons using coloured pens, for example. You can buy them a slate and colourful chalks. You can buy an easel and watercolour paint so that they feel good drawing and have fun.

Appeal to senses

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 3 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Make them draw on their fingers or salt. It must appeal to their senses. That way they will find drawing interesting. Let it be messy; your child will learn from it.

This way you can make art more interesting and eventually you will find that your kids are getting more involved with art.