Meet Hunter

Dear Friends of the L. A. Frechette Gallery,

During this most beautiful time of year a thought came to mind. As the grandmother of a special needs four year old boy, Hunter Lawrence Frechette, I came in contact with a school dedicated to special needs, a pre-school for children like Hunter. I became involved because I was privileged to take Hunter to this school each week; to watch the miracle begin with the most dedicated, gifted teacher Hunter and children like him could ask for.

To see pictures of my grandson in his room after he put on his tiny blue slippers to sit in his big, soft easy chair to read was all I needed to know what he's been taught, not only by his parents, but by this very special school he attends three days a week.

Much of the teaching and recreational supplies required for these special children are personally purchased by their teacher, Robin Bartholomew. I want to help and for you to help me get things that enable Robin to teach these children important life skills that most of us never recognize as important or take for granted. Things like simply washing their hands, brushing their teeth or telling you what their name is and where they live.
Recognizing weather, teaching ways of expressing themselves such as signing their needs when they are unable to speak.

It is an act of pure love on your part.

Donations can be made for the: Development Therapy School Pre- School for special needs children, Dayton, Maine.

We send the best to each and every one of you.

Thank you,

Louise & Carl Frechette