Are Games Educational Tools for Learning?


Over the years, games have become an important tool for learning. Famous learning theorists have emphasised the importance of games in teaching kids. In pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, children are taught through games most of the time.

In the past years, many video games appeared on the market that proved to be a great learning tool for kids. Consider Angry Birds, for example. This game teaches about the laws of physics and it teaches at what angle you have to throw objects with a slingshot.

Are Games Educational Tools for Learning 1 - Are Games Educational Tools for Learning?

When kids play games, they develop abstract imaginative thinking that helps them to apply the knowledge in the real world. For example, a kid of four years old won’t be able to ride a horse but when he sits on a broken branch, he can image riding a horse. When girls play with dollhouses, they imagine having a family and social interaction. They learn about cooking.

New technologies are being incorporated into games to help kids learn. Today video games play an important role in learning. Most kids, teenagers, and even adults play video games. It has replaced traditional toys. For example, the World of Warcraft mimics the cop-and-robber game that was played. The Sims, on the other hand, is a virtual dollhouse that teaches kids about time management and house maintenance. Minecraft is an extremely educational game where children come across new objects and learn about them; for example, they learn about building materials, gemstones, and more.

The immersive games today can provide a great learning experience for the kids which they can’t learn on the playground. Besides video games, mental games can also boost creativity in children. There are games for 4 year olds as well. So, as a parent or teacher, you must use games as an educational tool.

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