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In this category, you will know why art is an interesting and fun activity that can help you develop various skills.


3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Usually, kids love to draw and play with colours. But some kids are not interested in art. They must be encouraged to draw. Art is a very important tool for developing a child. Here are some ways you can encourage your child to draw.

Don’t pressure them

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 1 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

You shouldn’t pressure your children to draw. Just let them draw anything and appreciate it. Don’t give them any direction; let them play with their mind and come up with something unique. This will improve their creativity skills and will also encourage them to draw.

Provide interesting things for drawing

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 2 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Instead of just giving pencils and erasers to draw, give them other interesting things as well. You can ask them to draw on balloons using coloured pens, for example. You can buy them a slate and colourful chalks. You can buy an easel and watercolour paint so that they feel good drawing and have fun.

Appeal to senses

3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw 3 - 3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Draw

Make them draw on their fingers or salt. It must appeal to their senses. That way they will find drawing interesting. Let it be messy; your child will learn from it.

This way you can make art more interesting and eventually you will find that your kids are getting more involved with art.


3 Amazing Books for the Budding Artists

Art is a great activity for children. It is not only fun but also important for learning other important skills. If you notice that your child has a special interest in art, you must encourage him or her to perform better by reading some art-related books. Here are some suggestions.

Katie and the Mona Lisa

By- James Mayhew

In this book, you will read about the adventures of Katie, a small girl, who visited an art gallery with her grandma and looks at five Renaissance paintings which includes Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

3 Amazing Books for the Budding Artists 1 - 3 Amazing Books for the Budding Artists

The Great Big Art History Colouring Book

By – Annabelle Von Sperber

It is a great book for people of all ages. Here you will get scenes from famous artists that are sketched. You need to colour them. It includes Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, drawings of Egyptian temples, and more. The book is very educational.

My Museum

By – Joanne Liu

This book is about a young boy visiting an art gallery. He discovers art everywhere. On the light patterns falling on the floor, visitor’s tattoos, and more. You can see the works of Henri Matisse, Johannes Vermeer, and other famous artists.

These books are educational and the kids will learn about the great arts and artists from these resources. They will automatically develop a love for art.


Fun Art Activities for Kids

Most parents give children an easel and a set of colour pencils, crayons, or paint to draw and paint with. While kids enjoy that, there are lots of fun ways to paint as well. These art activities will encourage the children to use colours more and have fun. Here are some interesting art activities you can do with your children.

Nature artwork

Fun Art Activities for Kids 1 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

The children will collect whatever they can find in their garden, like flowers and leaves. They will then arrange these in special ways and paste them on their art copy using glue. This way they will have a connection with nature and find the results to be interesting.

Back-and-forth drawing

Fun Art Activities for Kids 2 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

This activity is really fun, and it should be done in groups. For example, one kid will draw something, and another kid will continue the drawing. This way something creative will come up and the kids will be excited to see the results.

Playdough modelling

Fun Art Activities for Kids 3 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

Kids love to play with playdough. They can make lots of things using colourful playdough. Unlike clay, playdough is not messy. It is also safe for children to use.

These fun activities will encourage kids to do them every day. They will learn many things from these fun activities.


Why Art Is Important for Early Childhood Development

Studies have shown that in schools that had mandatory art classes, the children were better at math and science. Art doesn’t only teach drawing and painting skills to children. It can help in the development of various skills that will help them in the future.

Language development

Children learn new words, shapes, and colours when painting. Their vocabulary increases which helps them to learn the language easily. They learn to use descriptive words to explain what they have drawn. They learn to express their feelings.

Motor skills

When children draw, they have to hold the pencil, use the right colour and imagine what to draw. This hand-eye coordination improves motor skills. Holding scissors can improve the dexterity which will help them to write.


Art can improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills. When drawing something, children need to make a decision; for example, whether they should colour the leaves light green or dark green. Children try new ideas while drawing which will help them later in life.

With the help of art, the children become more aware of their surroundings. They try to portray whatever they see and learn into their art paper. Art thus plays a vital role in the mental development of children and they must always be encouraged to draw and paint to sharpen their skills. Schools must place extra attention on the art classes, especially when they are in kindergarten.