Fun Art Activities for Kids


Most parents give children an easel and a set of colour pencils, crayons, or paint to draw and paint with. While kids enjoy that, there are lots of fun ways to paint as well. These art activities will encourage the children to use colours more and have fun. Here are some interesting art activities you can do with your children.

Nature artwork

Fun Art Activities for Kids 1 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

The children will collect whatever they can find in their garden, like flowers and leaves. They will then arrange these in special ways and paste them on their art copy using glue. This way they will have a connection with nature and find the results to be interesting.

Back-and-forth drawing

Fun Art Activities for Kids 2 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

This activity is really fun, and it should be done in groups. For example, one kid will draw something, and another kid will continue the drawing. This way something creative will come up and the kids will be excited to see the results.

Playdough modelling

Fun Art Activities for Kids 3 - Fun Art Activities for Kids

Kids love to play with playdough. They can make lots of things using colourful playdough. Unlike clay, playdough is not messy. It is also safe for children to use.

These fun activities will encourage kids to do them every day. They will learn many things from these fun activities.

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